Interdependent Wealth by Steve Legler

Laying the Foundation

Before getting into the subject matter of this book, I think it’s important to properly set the stage. I know that before I spend my time getting into a book by a supposed expert, I like to get a good handle on who the person is and why they think their writing should be interesting and useful to others.

I expect nothing less from others, so it is only natural that I properly set up the context of what you are about to read.

Thank you, Steve for continuing the effort to understand and explore just what is meant by “thinking systems”.

Most people will say that a family is a system but not everyone has a notion of just how it is “a system” and how that perspective relates to the life transactions that impact our businesses and wealth transfer.

Thank you for taking all of us just a bit further on that road to understanding and action.

Steve Legler combines insight, knowledge, humor, and candor in a book that

will enable you to take a fresh look at your family business. 

Amazon lists 40,000 books under “Family Business,” and I’d bet money

that this is one of the most original, and most useful.

Understanding family systems theory and action are essential for understanding family businesses. 

Yet there are few resources specifically discussing Bowen Family Systems for families and advisors working in this field.

Steve Legler has thankfully provided us with a readable, down-to-earth, and straightforward introduction to how affluent business families operate from a Bowenian perspective.

It is a long-overdue addition to the family enterprise literature.

Pragmatic, Prudent and Precise. Steve gives readers all three Ps to understanding Bowen’s Family Systems Theory and applying it to their unique circumstance. This book deserves a front row spot in your professional library!

About Steve Legler

Some people work their butt off for their whole life trying to build a business for their family. They often dream about how great it will be for the family to work together with a common purpose.  But the dream doesn’t always work out the way they imagined, because it is a LOT more complex than they ever imagined.

It isn’t usually the business part that trips them up, more often it is the family part. The roadblocks usually show up when it comes time to truly transition the business to the next generation, and this is where Steve comes in.  He specializes in helping families turn their dream into a workable plan, using a step-by-step method to get everyone on the same page.

Once the family has completed his Business Family Continuity BluePrint, all family members will see the family’s goals, and they will understand their roles. Steve then helps them all figure out how they can move forward, working together.

Steve is a proud FEA Designate (IFEA) and holds ACBFA and ACFWA certifications (FFI), in addition to having an MBA (UWO-Ivey) He is also a CFA charterholder (CFA Institute), and the author of Shift your Family Business (Friesen Press, 2014)

STOP working in your family BUSINESS,
START working on your business FAMILY